CKM Sound Micro Acoustical Solutions

These metal ceiling systems are one-of-a-kind high performance green building material for sound absorption. It can be used for unlimited applications including apartments, residential areas, commercial buildings, conference rooms, home theatres, restaurants, classrooms, churches, temples, airports, surfaced shell of machines, central air-conditioning, ships, yachts, interior accessories for motor bikes, etc.

Simple material but it possess multiple advantages like being light-weighted, non-toxic, fire, water and dust-proof, anti-salt erosion, high absorption rate, stain resistance, anti-electromagnetic wave, long duration of enduring, various colour options, and easily cutting or assembling. More than just material, it is a diverse artwork presentation and can be instantly used with no attachment on the backside. It is suitable in all specifications for ceilings, walls and differently functional areas with no other decoration further needed, even being allocated in corners remaining same efficacy.

  • Ceilings & Wall Panels

Ceilings & Wall Panels

SoundMicro has a perforation diameter of 0.08 mm, which is much smaller than 0.50 mm developed by other countries. SoundMicro not only researched the sound absorption rate of NRC 0.85, but also had confirmed to high efficient green building material value of w 0.8 in Taiwan. Currently, CKM offers the thickness of aluminum plate amid 0.8 ~ 1.0 mm for customer's options. Needs no stuff as an absorption material is a significant characteristic of SoundMicro. The panel itself is a fine sound absorption material and accompany with several advantages such as nontoxic, fire-proof, corrosion prevented, moisture proof, high performance of sound absorption, good durability, various color available and easy cutting and assembly.

SoundMicro can be applied in high temperature, high humidity, clean and high velocity air flow fields. It's also applicable to relative pollution prevented industries such as architecture, construction, air-conditioning, mechanical, electronic, medical, transportation, etc. Sound Micro is a dust proof, fire proof, water proof and toxic-free durable sound absorption material.