Daiken Mineral Fiber Ceilings

The most preferred choice of architects, builders and interior designers worldwide, Daiken ceilings are internationally acclaimed for their engineering excellence, visual appeal and attractive designs with excellent sound absorption, thermal insulation and fire resistant properties.

Daiken Ceilings are made from selected Rockwool fibers (Slag Wool a byproduct of iron manufacturing) and special binders. The mineral fibers are uniformly interwoven by the unique wet-felting process to form rigid board and tile which are non-combustible and fire-resistant. It has the combination of low specific gravity, efficient thermal insulation, better sound absorption qualities and increased sound transmission qualities.

The most commonly used ceilings universally by interior designers, Daiken Ceilings have become the ideal choice for high quality ceiling in high rise software parks, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, airport buildings and shopping centres.

Advantages of Daiken Ceilings

  • Fire Resistance

    Outstanding Fire Resistance Helps contain fire

  • Thermal Insulation

    Thermal insulation is 6 times better helps minimize cost of air-conditioning

  • Sound Absorption

    Adequately absorbs sound and create comfortable reverberant sound

  • Excel Tone MR Ceilings
  • Cleartone Ceilings
  • Healthy Ceilings

Excel Tone MR Ceilings

EXCEL TONE (MR series) performance proves superior quality. It is guaranteed for 10 years against visible sagging up to 50℃ and 99% relative humidity. These mineral fiber acoustical board and tile can withstand sag resistance for use even in room without air conditioning or high humidity environment. The tiles are with outstanding fire resistance and thermal insulation, with a variety of installation systems.


Standard Size Edge
Reveal Tile 13mm 600 x 600 mm(O.C.R)
600 x 1,200 mm(O.C.R)
4 Sides Revealed.
Exposed Board 5/8" 600 x 600mm (O.C)
600 x 1,200 mm(O.C)
4 Sides Trimmed.
Reveal Tile 5/8" 600 x 600 mm(O.C.R)
600 x 1,200 mm(O.C.R)
4 Sides Revealed.
Slim-Line Tile 5/8" 600 x 600mm(O.C)NR6.5
600 x 1,200mm(O.C)NR6.5
4 Sides Slim Line Revealed.
  1. MC, MV and MP pattern has no square edge Semi-Concealed Tile.
  2. MA pattern has no square edge Semi-Concealed.
  3. MP pattern is available with all shapes.

Cleartone Ceilings


Functionally - rich tiles with chiseled faces. With advanced functions and refined designs, DAI-LOTONE series mineral fiber acoustical tile is used to produce various spatial environments. The system are used with adhesive and nails.

Healthy Ceilings

Comfortable and relaxed atmosphere in a healthy room. Basic functions are no asbestos, low VOC emission, absorbing Formaldehyde, eco mark product, adjusting moisture level, deodorant efficiency and generating negative ions.

Daiken Healthy Ceilings - Hospitone

Antibacterial and deodrant treatment tiles suitable for medical institutions. Available in any patterns and exposed & revealed systems.


Standard Size Edge
Tongued & Grooved Tile 9mm
(9mm base)
303 x 606mm 4 sides: Trimmed